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Obaika Consulting mission is to provide individuals, corporates, governments and institutions who seek to generate wealth (for themselves and the indigenes ) in the African continent, through foreign direct investments the acumen to minimise risk whilst maximising business performance across a cross spectrum of opportunities spanning the extractive, productive and service sectors of the economy.

Obaika Consulting differentiates itself from other Management Consultancies in that it has a well-entrenched legal advisory practice with a combined cumulative experience spanning over 70 years provided by its parent company Obaika & Company.

We have absolute client commitment as our mantra. This commitment is manifest in the services provided to our clients. It transcends mere legal council to integrated commercial assistance and management advise. Thus enabling our clients to minimise their risks and maximise their returns in complex business environments.

This commitment proves the way to developing and sustaining long term relationships, which help us stay the course in supporting our clients to achieve their business objectives while ensuring they are fully protected.

Our highly diversified client base includes multinational institutions, international organizations, national corporate entities, international individuals and national individuals. We therefore have the requisite know how of the local business terrain and yet are able to function with international bias and standards as our service policy.

We also work hand in glove with local Individuals, Corporates and Governments (Central / State) in assisting them attract investments on most favourable terms to stimulate and sustain social and economic development.Consequently the firm has organised its practice areas to cater to the needs of both its local and international clients through an eclectic mix of professionals who are well versed in legal, commercial, technical and client management skills